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May 31, 2003 by mcs2k1
Kazaa has adapted a 'No Spyware' Policy (seen here) in a move that can only be seen to undermine "Kazaa Lite" the so called 'Lite' version of Kazaa Media Desktop that has all Spyware removed and search restrictions lifted from the application. C|nets download.com recently pitched Kazaa Media Desktop as the most downloaded software on the planet, with 230 million downloads to date and counting.

In the past KMD has seen many angry customers reaching for the uninstaller when they have seen stran...
May 8, 2003 by mcs2k1
IBM is shedding light on a program to create the world's fastest supercomputer, illuminating a dual-pronged strategy, an unusual new processor design and a leaning toward the Linux operating system.

"Blue Gene" is an ambitious project to expand the horizons of supercomputing, with the ultimate goal of creating a system that can perform one quadrillion calculations per second, or one petaflop. IBM expects a machine it calls Blue Gene/P to be the first to achieve the computational milestone. To...
July 24, 2002 by mcs2k1
People using the MSN TV system in the states have had law enforcement calling them and even coming round due to their dial-up numbers being changed to 911 by a program contained in an email. MSN TV is a set-top box that allows access to email and the web.

Originally thought to be a prank this small nuisance arrives in an email with the subject header ‘NEAT’ and there are now people speculating that it’s spreading using the email address books people create. According to info...
July 23, 2002 by mcs2k1
A flaw found in newer versions of the PHP Web server scripting language could allow attackers to crash, and in some cases control, computers over the Internet, an open-source developer group announced Monday.

The vulnerability affects versions 4.2.0 and 4.2.1 of PHP, according to the PHP Group. The flaw compromises different computer architectures in different ways: Web servers running on Intel IA-32 hardware could crash, while other systems, including Sun Microsystems' Solaris, could allow ...
July 23, 2002 by mcs2k1
Hackers will be unable to attack Web sites protected by a new security system unless they can change the laws of physics, according to Naoto Takano, chief executive officer of Scarabs, a Japanese company.

The company claims that it has developed a hard disk with two heads that prevents disk files published on the Web from being altered by hackers.

Scarabs put two heads on the hard disk, a read-only head that is connected via one cable to a Web server for people to browse content on the dis...
July 20, 2002 by mcs2k1
In an effort to find a way to safely dispose of high-tech waste, federal legislation was introduced this week that would impose a $10 fee on PCs, monitors and laptops to pay for recycling centers.

The fee would be collected on equipment sales to consumers and businesses, according to legislation sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.).

PCs contain lead, mercury and PVC plastics -- all hazardous materials. According to figures cited by Thompson, some 41 million PCs will need to be disp...
July 15, 2002 by mcs2k1
Sources that reckon to know, claim Intel's 2.80GHz Pentium 4 part may not see the light of day because Windows doesn't like it.

Reports claimed that the speed of the chip causes Windows 2000 "to crash and burn."
While Windows XP doesn't like the speed of the processor, not one little bit.And it's not just Intel chips too, the claim continues. Athlon processors at high speeds are experiencing problems as well.We are contacting the chip companies to get their view on this, if they have a view,...
July 13, 2002 by mcs2k1
Anti-virus firm Network Associates has been forced to issue a hot-fix for its McAfee software after it became apparent that some versions were having trouble picking up the Klez virus.

The problem occurs when the Klez worm tries to spread itself via shared files on a network. On some anti-virus software configurations, McAfee does not pick up the worm until it has been executed, meaning it is free to spread as an embedded file within networks.

David Emm, product marketing manager at McAfee...
July 11, 2002 by mcs2k1
Datom.A virus poses as Microsoft update

Windows users are being warned to be on the lookout for a virus disguised as 'copyrighted Microsoft code' and claiming to be a Windows update.
One expert has even warned that the Windows worm, Datom.A, "could mark an evolution for viruses' modus operandi".

The worm may arrive as an email purporting to be a Microsoft update, but it can also spread through open network shares. The actual worm itself consists of three components: MSVXD.exe, MSVXD16.d...
July 8, 2002 by mcs2k1
You'll need a modded XBox for this...

The first Linux program to run legally on Xbox has been released, says the Xbox Linux Project. It is not clear to us what the program, which was created without the Xbox SDK, actually does, and just maybe all it does is put Tux on the Xbox screen, but still, it's progress.

The Xbox Linux Project aims to overcome the best-laid plans of Microsoft's licensing Stasi by developing a version of Linux which you can get running on an Xbox without having to go...
June 4, 2002 by mcs2k1
"Welcome to QuickTime 6, featuring MPEG-4, the next-generation of the most advanced digital media technology on the Internet. This latest release of Apple’s cutting-edge digital media software for both Mac and Windows-based computers delivers unparalleled quality for creating, playing and streaming audio and video content over the Internet.

When first released over ten years ago, QuickTime revolutionized the industry. Today, with QuickTime 5 reaching over 100 million Mac and PC users in it...
June 4, 2002 by mcs2k1
A computer sciences graduate student is claiming to have cracked the security systems that prevent Microsoft's Xbox game console from running unauthorized software.

In a research paper published a few days ago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology student Andrew Huang detailed the procedure by which he retrieved the software "keys" that a game disc must contain for the Xbox to recognize its contents as legitimate code. Using the key, hackers presumably could write Web browsers, MP3 players ...
May 31, 2002 by mcs2k1
Are the two leading microprocessor suppliers heading towards a price war amid lackluster demand in the PC market?

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has cut the prices on nearly all of its microprocessor lines by 7-to-52%, in an apparent response to Intel Corp.'s recent moves to slash its chip tags, according to a report from Reuters here today.

AMD, according to Reuters, dropped prices on its high-end Athlon XP chips by 22% to 32%. The Athlon XP 2100+ now costs $224, down 32% from $330. The At...
May 31, 2002 by mcs2k1
THE ENIGMAH Xbox mod chip is likely to lead to clever folk producing a Linux shell for the Microsoft console.

That would surely be a bitter pill for Microsoft to swallow. It doesn't even like people running non-Windows operating systems on PCs, never mind its cut-down console.

The Xbox uses a Pentium III chip and Nvidia graphics, but Enigmah's invention, which we reported here last week, allows unsigned code to run on the console.
Microsoft appears unable to take steps to stop such chi...
May 28, 2002 by mcs2k1
Sun have announced that they will be removing links to download their popular office suite this Wednesday, following their decision to charge for StarOffice 6. Star Office 5.2 has proven one of the best office suites and has been seen as a free alternative to Microsoft Office thanks to its well-developed import and export filters.

The StarOffice 5.2 package will now be $39.95 for the deluxe version and $9.99 for a ‘Slim Kit’ version. This is a move that has seen a complete U-turn in the way ...